Where I'm From Poem

by Jonah B., Age 14 , Grade 8, South East Junior High, Iowa City, IOWA USA
Teacher: Mr Keller-Wilson

Title: Where I’m From

I’m from South East Junior High, where students annoyingly run through the halls without a care, and are so loud you sometimes can’t hear your own voice.

 I’m from Orchestra, Math, Science and Language arts. The feelings of forgetting your important homework in your locker, or losing a Global Studies textbook overcome my mind,  precious hopes of going home at the end of the day the hang out with friends, and play video games, only to remember I have homework.

I’m from hanging out with friends at lunch, and talking in the halls. I’m from South East Junior High

I am from hot Summer days, and the late nights with friends staying up crazy late playing Call of Duty, and chilling late nights in the warm bubbly hot tub, often past midnight.

I am from eating snacks while trying to be quiet while me and my friends play viciously interactive games online. From being dreaded having to go back to school, to having fun while home alone, which was one of my favorite parts of summer, from quietly lounging in my friend Jacob’s freezing cold pool when it’s so hot that it feels that you could fill a bathtub with your sweat.

I’m from long tiring days where nothing gets done, and that’s okay because it’s summer

I’m from Video Games, and playing online with friends, and trying to squeeze in as much self praised game time as I can each meaningful day so that I can accomplish at least one simple thing every day.

I’m from playing private matches with friends in Halo, Call of Duty, And Destiny. From slowly increasing my skill as a player to recording hilarious game clips.

I’m from showing said clips to kids at lunch and making friends, who I can then play online with. Because I’m from the Online wonder that is video games

I’m from Las Vegas, Nevada, where the bright neon lights boldly defy the simple dark night sky

I’m from unbelievably hot summer days often in the hundreds, where having a pool is a necessity, and ice cold showers feel nice to the touch

I’m from casinos and gambling, I’m from my grandma’s nice small house, with coldly colored walls

I’m from the annoyingly similar residential architecture, and the massively diverse hotels with all sorts of different themes

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