Where I'm From

by Izzy, Age 12 , Grade 7, South East Junior High, Iowa City, IOWA USA
Teacher: Mr. Keller-Wilson

Title: Where I’m From

I am from Warm kitten’s fur,

From their small mew and  cuddling sessions,

From my favorite breed, American Shorthair

Daisy, Tiger, Olly, and Franky,

The names of my cats,

I am from unique fur patterns.

I am from pixelated video games,

from Undertale and all its characters,

from Super Mario Bros, {insert finish game sound}

from Pac-Man tasty cherries and all and the classics.  

I am from camping in small tents,

from delicious fire cooked meals and sleeping under the glistening stars,

from the warm glow of the embers,

I am from creek stomping in Backbone State Park.

I am from The beat of drums,

from the ring of bells and mallets,

and the pound of the bass,

I am from the vibration of the timpani,

from first chair in Concert Band.

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