Where I'm From

by derek l., Age 12 , Grade 7, South East Junior High, iowa city, IOWA USA
Teacher: Mr. Keller-Wilson

Title: Where I’m From

I am from the Colorado Rocky’s,

Riding for almost eternally in the lush, green

Rocky Mountain National Park forest.

The pounding of horse’s hooves

as they walk across rock and dirt.

The scruffy opaque, white fur with a blonde mane

is a horse named White Lightning.

I am from the bright summer days,

When the lights go out and the

“I love you” comes,

I sleep soundlessly under the stars and the

moon shimmering down upon us,

The warmth from the fire

still burning with white charcoals.

I am from the cold winters of Iowa.

When the soft and fluffy snow

falls from the dark, grey sky,

Friends from all around come to play at Guildford Court

where the best of fun is awaiting them.

Freshly made hot chocolate poured into white mugs

That  gets passed among the freezing-cold crowd of ten.

I am from the tan house on the corner of Guilford Court,

Where a medium sized boy lives with his mother,

Jeni, and his sister, Maddy, his name is Derek,

The rooms are about the same size,

the boy’s room is the smallest of the three,

his sister’s is the medium sized, and his mom’s is the biggest,

The kitchen is a regular sized one with polished wood cabinets,

a white fridge, and a granite countertop,

The upstairs and downstairs look the same,

flatscreen tvs ’and dark brown recliners in the couches.



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