Where Am From

by Elias S., Age 12 , Grade 7, South East Jr High, Iowa City, IA USA
Teacher: Mr.Keller-Wilsn

I am from my beautiful basement of many wonders.

Walking down the wooden stairs like its a dungeon. Seeing how big it is and also how small it is. The smell of the cats litter fills your nose. The taste of the air is the same as it is outside.

I am from my house of many messes. The feeling of the couch and tv remote. The smell of food being cooked makes you want to eat it right away. The sight of a giant mess near the computer that needs to be cleaned. It's always crowded and you get squeezed a lot. It gets really loud likes it's a small movie theater. The living room always needs to be cleaned because of the mess.

I am from my small bedroom. You see all the stuff on the ground. The smell of the fish tank makes you scrunch your nose up. The giant blanket laid out on the bed because it's always cold in there. But you can have so much fun in there despite the size.

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