If Only You Knew

by Rhianna, Age 14 , Grade 8

Hearts shatter

colliding with the floor

the wall

breaking with a single touch

Brink of tears

shall we meet in the forbidden garden

shall we wince from a single tear

how can we possibly live heartless you say

we do not live heartless

but we live emotionless

we live without a feeling

not fleeting of hearts

no dear darlings

and love letters

we’re no one

yet we’re everyone

we gaze at the sky and feel nothing

nothing but the wind

the stars hold our once told secrets

only if living figures held them and understood

only if they could understand the hauntingness of a hushed secret

or even the fleeting moments of scared breaths and vulnerability

if only you knew

if you had the chance to hold the breathlessness on your shoulders for one day

or the scarcity of confidence

you’d understand

Life is beautiful

hearing hush breaths

The buoyancy of foreign languages tickling your ears

not knowing true meanings

the clash of the enraged sea against the sandy shorelines

the slightest pull of heartstrings that makes the small pearly tears drissle

The clear and annunciated notes bouncing from the keys of a piano

on a late Sunday afternoon

The deep and dark frazzle and spark of lightning cracks in the sky

The stars holding such secrets

so untold

forever kept hidden in the constellations

Life is beautiful

The greatest abilities to laugh at yourself when you are the joke

The feeling of your favorite song on the radio

the graze of your finger tips against the tightly wound strings of a guitar

don’t you see ?

life is beautiful

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