by Rhianna N., Age 14 , Grade 8

Dreams were once just their simplicity

their veins deeper than sorrow

it’s heart was not to be broken

as long as it lay in your arms

drifting resonance rallied the hearts

soonly and slowly shall we say

total contradictory It’s blessed unrest shook thee minds

worth but a sob

let the rain fall in drops

the semi perfect metaphor you see

you fall asleep slowly and soundly only to watch all your thoughts piece together a grander picture

Dreamscapes my dear

they who cannot be feared

oh how the night wrench steals thy heart

it dips it in melancholy

slowly in depth

harvesting it’s power from the fearful

what a coward indeed

wretched should have been the creature's name

for it left no soul untouched ,

yet the dreamscapes left the world of wonder purified

perhaps we see the yin and yang factor at work

perhaps we see our dreams as reality .  

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