Trying something new

by Sanjana R., Age 11 , Grade 5, Orison Academy, Coimbatore, TAMIL NADU INDIA
Teacher: Vidhya

Trying something new


One Sunday morning, a girl named Praveena studying UKG told her mom what happened in her school yesterday. She said, “Mommy, my teacher asked me to talk about my favourite cartoon character that I watch every day. I was feeling nervous to tell her that it was ’Chota Bheem’. I thought my friends would laugh at me, so I kept quiet. So, everyone laughed at me, and my teacher went over to the next student as I did not respond. I almost cried at that moment.”

Her mom asked her, “Why did you feel shy? ‘Chota Bheem' is a popular cartoon and it is fine to talk about it. Next time try to speak up and don’t feel shy.”

She went to her room and thought hard: my mom always tells me to be bold. Why can’t I try to change something?

The next day, she boarded her school bus and sat near a window. Another girl from her class, came close by and asked her, “Can I sit next to you?” Praveena remembered her promise last night to be bold. She replied with a smile, “Yes, of course.” That day her teacher asked her, “Who is your favourite person, Praveena?” She responded eagerly, “my parents!” The teacher wished her good! She left and no one laughed at her. Praveena finally realized that being happier and speaking openly is way better than being shy.


Never be afraid of trying something new because life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know!



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