A Sea Mystery

by Seshanth D., Age 10 , Grade 4, St.Anthony's Catholic School, Sydney AUSTRALIA
Teacher: Vidhya

A Sea Mystery

It was a dull gloomy day for King Julien. He lost his diamond box filled with diamonds. It happened when he was returning from India after waging a war with his opponent. The South Asian king had sent his war people to steal King Julien’s diamond box. King Julien waged a war against his opponent to retrieve his diamond box. But the opponent kingdom had missed the diamond box deep inside the sea.


Millions and millions of years later, Uncle Joe had just finished repairing his mini-submarine. He planned to go for a ride on the submarine, along with his best friends, Dan and Kevin. So, he invited them to his house. The next day Dan and Kevin came to Uncle Joe’s house. Uncle Joe smirked at them leaving them wondering.


He dragged them both to his inventing room. Kevin shouted in fright, but Uncle Joe did not respond. When they saw the little submarine, Dan and Kevin had their jaws wide open. They were both on cloud nine when Uncle Joe invited them for an ocean ride in the submarine. Kevin and Dan were so excited about their journey the next day.


Finally, the day for which they were waiting had come.  They both got ready and dashed to Uncle Joe’s house and prepared for the launch. When Kevin sat on the seat, he felt like sitting on a cloud. “It is so soft!” cried Kevin. Uncle Joe sat on his seat, pressing different buttons, and controlling. The computer counted down to 10 seconds.


Uncle Joe said, “We are going to launch the ship in ten seconds”. In the last second, Kevin was jumping to the ceiling of the submarine. Boom! A sudden burst and the submarine got launched into the sea. Kevin was watching sea horses and fishes through the windows.


Dan was extremely happy and relaxed; he fell asleep on the comfy seat. Suddenly, Uncle Joe spotted a closed bottle with paper inside the sea. He was so curious to know what was written on the paper and dived into the sea to get the bottle. The paper was so old like it was million years old.


Once he opened the paper, he realized it was a map, and it showed the way to the diamond box. It was dated 1/5/1503. All three of them were surprised and decided to follow the map in unison. When they started following the map, they reached a big rock pointing to a cave.


Uncle Joe got into the cave, he put on his wet suit to dive, and he moved deeper and deeper into the cave. And alas – there it was – the diamond box. He grabbed it, and to his fury realized that the cave started closing its exit. He quickly radioed his friends Dan and Kevin. As soon as they knew what was happening, they were alerted.


Uncle Joe instructed them to take the front seat of the submarine and press the blue button so that it can laser cut the iron door. It took a while as the iron door was strong and thick, but finally, they made it. Uncle Joe jumped into the mini-submarine, and they got back home. They handed over the diamond box to the government, who appreciated them. Hurray!  There is light at the end of every tunnel.

The End!

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