A Wish That Came True

by Mitra S., Age 10 , Grade 4, North Trail Elementary School, Lakeville, MN USA
Teacher: Vidhya

A wish that came true

Boom, there was a loud noise! Maddy, a nine-year-old girl, jumped up to see what the matter was. But as usual, it was her two mischievous brothers - Jacob and Henry. Maddy was watching her favorite show and did not wish to be interrupted. Her mom was making her favorite dinner -pasta. She was extremely excited and hungry. In the next week, it was going to be Maddy’s birthday, and she wanted to get a new phone. But her parents denied saying she was too young to get one.

That night, after dinner, she had a marvelous dream. It was about a wishing fairy that would grant any wish she wanted. In the dream, she thought  long and hard, and came up with what she wanted - “A new phone.” The next morning when she woke up, she thought it was her birthday, but it wasn’t. She remembered the dream and the fairy that night. She wished it could be real. After breakfast, Maddy went back to her room. She was alone. She thought hard about the fairy. Then she heard a small sound. She looked back in fright. She saw a small light fluttering around. The light soon went off, and in its place was a beautiful young fairy glittering like the moon. Maddy tried to get closer, but the fairy just fluttered away. Maddy told it to stop and asked for its name. The fairy stopped and turned towards Maddy. The fairy introduced herself as Lisa. Lisa said that she was from fairyland, and she was the one who created the dream for Maddy. Maddy was astonished. She went to open the door and tell her parents about Lisa, but Lisa used her magic to lock the door automatically. Maddy was surprised. But she snapped back to reality and realized that she was in the same room as the beautiful, young fairy, Lisa. Lisa told Maddy to keep this a secret.

Lisa said that Maddy’s wish would come true. Maddy asked Lisa if she could have a new phone. Lisa said that the only way that she could grant this wish was if Maddy did a good deed.

Maddy visits school the next day and does a good deed without even realizing it. She sees a young girl, Emily crying in the playground. Maddy checks on her. Emily complained that two bullies pushed her while she was skipping around the playground. Maddy said that it was unreasonable, and she will do something about it. Emily thanked Maddy and walked away. That afternoon, at lunch, Maddy went up to meet the two bullies, Billy and Bob and warned them of their behavior. Billy and Bob promised that they would never bully anyone ever again. Maddy walked up to Emily and told her that everything was fine. Emily was extremely grateful. Maddy invited Emily to her house for her birthday party that weekend. Emily agreed and soon it was time to go home.

When she got home, Maddy went straight to her room and called Lisa. When Lisa came out, Maddy asked Lisa what good deed that Maddy should do. Lisa said that Maddy already accomplished a deed. Maddy was confused but then remembered what happened at school – she helped Emily! Maddy realized that she did a good deed, and hoped to get the new phone she wanted. On her birthday, Maddy received many excellent gifts, but her favorite one of course was the phone that her parents gifted her. That night, she came back to her room to find Lisa. Lisa was sitting on a tiny stool next to the window. Lisa told Maddy that she was leaving home to fairyland. Maddy tried to convince Lisa to stay but Lisa refused as she had to go home to celebrate her mother’s birthday. Maddy understood and thanked Lisa for her support. Maddy eagerly asked Lisa when she would return. But all Lisa did was wink at Maddy and flutter up the window. The end.


                                              - By Mitra Suriyanarayanan

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