A bad decision

by Kannan A., Age 15 , Grade 9, Dunman Secondary School, Singapore, SINGAPORE SINGAPORE
Teacher: Vidhya

The sun rose in a pool of crimson and gold. It was a bright sunny day and my birthday as well! I have always wanted a pet dog, so I requested my parents for it. They drove me to the nearest pet store to check out suitable pets that could become part of our family. While I was strolling through the shop, one of the dogs there caught my attention. 

It was a German Shepherd - an adorable, friendly, energetic, medium-sized animal in a chocolate brown color. He licked  my hands and tried to get on my back. It felt all new and funny to me. I thought that it would be a great idea to take this pet home as it seemed to like us. On entering the house, he ran around searching for food. He was too cute and I named him “Peter.” As days passed by, I realized that it was a bad idea to have gotten Peter to our house. 

I was tired of having this pet already. For instance, when I came back home from the playground, Peter was jumping on the sofa and pulling down the books from the shelf. The whole house was in a mess. Once my parents came back home, they got agitated and scolded me for not taking care of the house and the dog. In addition, my dog poops on the floor and I have to clean it every time. I understand that pet care is not easy for me to handle.

Since I could not take it anymore, I discussed with my parents to return it. My parents were surprised to hear that. I told them that I give up on taking care of it. Finally, my parents returned it to the store. This experience taught me a lesson that I should not buy anything that I cannot handle or take care of. It was a waste of money and time for me and my parents. This decision of adopting a pet was a bad idea and did not suit me.


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