Always help the needy

by Baskar A., Age 10 , Grade 4, Tampines Primary School, Singapore, SINGAPORE SINGAPORE
Teacher: Vidhya

Always help people in need even if they can’t do anything for you.

The scorching sun rose in a pool of crimson and gold spilling light all over the land. It was Friday, Ravi woke up from his bed with a warm smile plastered on his face. He dashed to the bathroom to shower and got ready for school. Ravi’s mother prepared his lunch box for him. Ravi got all dressed, gave his mother a kiss on the cheek and went to school. After a few minutes, he reached school. He took his school dairy and recorded his temperature in it. His teacher called him and his friend Terry.  

He said ‘‘I am thinking of selecting either of you to be a prefect.  I will monitor you both, and if I catch any of you misbehaving, I would have to change my mind.”. They both agreed. Ravi was in cloud nine when he heard his teacher say that. He had a chance of becoming the prefect, after all it was his dream coming true. 

Later at recess a janitor came to their sitting positions and said, ‘‘Could help me carry this box, it is really heavy.’’ Terry hastily replied, “No I have no time to help you; I have to play soccer with my other friends. Now, get lost!’’ ‘‘That was really mean, Terry. Here let me help you janitor,’’ said Ravi. After lunch, the teacher called them both. Before the teacher could even speak, Terry complimented him about the teacher’s shirt so Terry could please him and become the prefect. ‘‘It is so nice of you to notice, Terry. Remember you met a janitor at lunch, that was actually me. I went undercover as a janitor to see who really deserves to be a prefect. Terry, I am so disappointed in you and Ravi, you are appointed as the prefect.’’ When he heard that Ravi punched the air with delight. ‘‘Terry, always help people in need even if they can’t do anything for you,’’ said the teacher.

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