the kid with cancer that helped people

by lebron i., Age 6 , Grade 3, school of rosa park, manhattan , NEW YORK USA
Teacher: mr lobos

One day there was a kid named alexander   the was talking to his mom to put his wig back he met his best friend timothy. Then a girl named sophia shoved him so he wig falled down so in lunch she said mr clean go clean it up as she dropped her tray on the ground. Timothy  said dont worry something bad is happening to her  his brother has cancer. He got mad so why is also bulling me 

Timothy went to skip school and told his mom your not my mom no more! Until he went missing as her mom heard the knew that he was in colombia. he was good basketball player that he got drafted to a colombia team the brooklyn nets wanted him they gave a 4 year deal and  230k because he was so good he saved up and after his 4 years he got  920k.
The people with cancer each got paid 100k and he payed 830k for a fundraiser  as he got so happy that the cancer cured had happened but he thought that he likes how i look but atleast i wont die.  he took the medicine as in brooklyn do to have hair and no cancer  death when he went his name was wrong he was  tyrone de la cruz which was sophia brother name he was amazed
He went to school and told sophia im tyrone de la cruz he took his hood off because his hair grew sophia felt bad and they went to there parent home and asked why i was away and they said because you at kids bullied him so he was away so you matured because you knew he was your brother and ur older 

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