The Story of the Rose, the Ant and the Pig

by Dinah, Age 11 , Grade 6, BC

The title: The Story of the Rose, the Ant and the Pig

Based on the folktale: Anansi and the Talking Watermelon

Once upon a time, there was a pig that grew roses in the garden. One day, a funny ant passed by the garden and smelled the scent of the roses and wanted to check by to get some honey. But he couldn’t when the pig was there. After a few hours, his patience paid off. “Ah, I think I am going to have breakfast. What should I eat? Hmm… Oh yes! I am going to have egg toast and a cup of orange juice! Oh, wait! I forgot that I didn’t go shopping yesterday! What should I do? I guess I will have to go to Roxy’s to ask for breakfast!” And then the pig went on his way to go to Roxy’s. When he couldn’t see the pig anymore, the ant quietly went for the honey. When he was full, he went down. While the ant climbed down the rose, the pig was on his way home. “Ah! That was a great breakfast! It was so delicious! (licking his lips)” The ant heard the pig say. Then the ant thought of an idea of playing a joke on the pig. The ant wanted to get the pig to think that the rose was alive. The ant dropped down since there was only a 1cm to climb down with a “thud” But the pig didn’t hear. When the pig came closer, the ant yelled “ Hi!” And suddenly remembered that he didn’t know the pig’s name, He shook the rose and said “ What is your name?” The pig looked surprised! The ant smiled! His plan was working! “I must be hearing things,” the pig said. Shaking his head. “No you aren't,” yelled the ant. “Again!” The pig said. “Hey, stop joking!” The pig said. “ What do you mean, little pig? I am not joking. I said what is your name?'' I didn’t ask you to yell stop joking! It is I the rose! Don’t you have manners!” Yelled the ant. And Couldn't stop smiling. “I must be dreaming! Roses can’t talk or move!” “You might be right. Most of them aren't alive, but some are, like me!” You are not dreaming!” Yelled the ant. After a few minutes of talking, the pig had to believe it and went to Roxy’s house to tell Roxy. After a few minutes, the ant could see two animals. One was a fox and one was a pig. They were running to the pig’s house. When they arrived, the pig said “ I heard the rose talk and it also moved!” Then the fox, who was of course Roxy, said “ Then make it alive and I will believe you!” So the pig said “ sure, see this! (Then turned to the ant) Hello! Alive rose!” But the rose stood right there, doing nothing. It didn’t move or talk. The ant could see that the pig was turning bright pink. (Well, of course, the pig WAS already pink!) And that is the end of the story. Nobody knows where the pig is even now. Some say that the pig left the country and others say that the pig is hiding in the forest still embarrassed about this day.


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