Hero's journey story

by Tirinique S., Age 11 , Grade 6, N/A, N/A, 000000 JAMAICA
Teacher: N/A


“This is so boring why does this stupid job have to be so boring?” said a warrior named Levask who then kicked over a can which hit a tumble weed causing it to disintegrate “dude it’s not that boring of a job,” said his friend Gearax he had blue armor unlike Levask who has green armor he was also kinder than Levask as he rarely shows hostility. “Yes it is, in fact, we don't have to do this we weren’t told so by the GREAT SPIRIT MATA NUI TO DO THIS YOU JUST SAID “‘OH WHO WILL GUARD THE MASK WELL I GUESS WE’LL DO IT,’’’ HECK, YOU DIDN’T EVEN ASK ME IF I WANTED TO!” yelled Levask, “oh come on Levask you know you wouldn't of agreed besides at least we have something to do instead of wandering around a desert,” Levask was usually never the happy kind of guy always being grumpy is making him a worse Toa. Before all of this he was still nice well at least before NEO, he sometimes still helps people but actually scratch that he rarely helps he even manages to still be mad about something mostly because his life is even more inconvenient than living on a desert planet on a moisture farm with your uncle and aunt. “I mean seriously why do we have to look after this mask sure it’s important being the mask of life but it just doesn’t make sense there is already dragons guarding the cave,” “well it was once part of Mata Nui you know the guy who saved the world from makuta Teridax,” answered Gearax “yeah I know but this job is like trying to milk a bull,” said Levask “that’s not even possible,” answered a more annoyed Gearax. Levask was known for his weird metaphors “exactly,” answered Levask “I mean it’s not like a giant monster is going to take it,” “hello?” says a random stranger they seemed to have feathers around their wrists and heels, they had feral claws on each hand and sharp claws on their feet, they also had a dark brown cloak covering most of their body, “Who are you?” asks Levask, the stranger takes off her cloak showing her body which had strangely inconsistent colors, the arms and legs were a navy blue and her torso was silver, her head was black, she also had feathers covering the back of her head and neck, and her throat was a bright red. She looks to levask and gearax then says in an ominous tone “my name is Violet and do you have anywhere I can rest?” “Wait what?” said Levask, “yeah I need somewhere to rest,” answered Violet “oh well…” Levask was shaking he clearly hadn’t been in a conversation that lasted more than one second, “yes but we don't have a house we really just sleep in makeshift huts so you could build a home,” “thank you,” she said as she hugged Levask “I have been looking for somewhere to stay where there were people to talk to!” Gearax said “well Levask looks like you just did a nice thing for once,” then they heard heavy footsteps and a loud roar.

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