The Airplane Mystery

by Ragon, Age 10 , Grade 6, BC

The Airplane Mystery 

In Missouri, US, there was a plane scheduled to leave at night. A boy and a large group of the family were about to leave. The plane was planned to leave at 10 pm, but for some reason, it got delayed and left at 11:30. It was about midnight so the boy was worried about some kind of ghosts. His mother told him that there’s no such thing as ghosts. Then the boy asked, “Then how about Gremlins?” “No.” “But, but”  “There’s no Gremlins in the world,  Joseph.” Then, “Glitch! Glitch! (gremlins lurking in the computer system)” It was coming from the pilot’s room. Joseph didn’t know what Glitch means. At the control center, there was a blackout, which made the center out of control. Right then, the power came back. But the location of the plane was lost. Which means the plane disappeared. The center called the FBI for the case. It took 4 days to get to the last location before the blackout. The location showed Nothing. Nothing but the dark sea. They searched around the area. Then, the power went off again and the FBI plane was also missing. Many ships and planes were disappearing in that area. After 5 years, a man in Florida caught a black monkey-looking creature. Then,  in Mexico, a  farmer saw a bunch of black creatures heading to the sea. Then, the first missing plane came back. Then, the FBI plane landed in Texas. And the ships fell from the sky in LA (Los Angeles). The people there were all dead, with their necks leaned backward. Even the pilot was dead. Their skin was dry, and you could see their bones. They had no eyeballs. That’s all about them.  This is quite a mystery. Who in the world landed the plane?? 

Find out soon. 

The End


So the mystery was caused by Jarudo, a black monkey-looking creature. And the people were dead because of the Jarudos. And why were they so boney? The Jarudos ate people’s eyeballs, and they drank people’s blood too. The Jarudos landed the plane and threw the ships, and the blackout was caused by other Jarudos,  

breaking the radar system.


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