The Giant and the Fan

by Berry, Age 10 , BC

There was a village and it was really hot!!! Everyone was sweating like crazy. Then one scientist figured out how to make his village less hot. So he decided to build a giant fan to cool the village. After he built it, a few days later the people in the village were really cool and they were very happy that he built it. But after a few more days there was a giant that came and was blocking the fan because he was hot and so the village became hot again because there was no cool air that could escape. So the people were really angry and were throwing stuff at the giant. But the giant didn’t do anything because the stuff was too small to bother him. The people were very angry at the scientist so the scientist came up with a new idea. First he built a giant candy to distract the giant. But the giant didn’t like candy so he didn’t move an inch. The 2nd idea was to build a lady giant because they thought the giant was a guy, but the giant didn’t care again. The final idea was to talk to the giant so the giant had a talk with the people and they made a deal. For 10 hours the giant gets the fan and for the other 12 hours the people get the fan. The giant decided to say yes and they shared…………. The fan. And for 2 hours without the fan the village had their own mini fan but it kinda was not good. It didn't really help that much but they had it to stay cool when the giant had the big fan. The End!


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