by amudi s., Age 16 , Grade 12, CHAD

The handle wouldn't budge, it was stuck!  It was as stiff as a steel rod!

1 week earlier:

The time was 2121, and still nobody has figured out time travel.  But there's one person who could be onto something.  His name is Miles Short.  He is a very happy young man with short-blonde hair and a dog named Pebe.  The dog howling at the noise of the alarm clock.  Jumping, hopping, every morning they both get up at the same time, 7 oclock in the morning to the alarm, ding ding ding, and then do their usual routine.  Good morning Pebe!  Miles said to Pebe happily. They both get up and go into the kitchen and Miles gets Pebe, a small white ferocious and playful dog, a treat from his food box.  Dog sprinting, Miles lets Pebe outside to take care of business.  Pebe the dog running, sprinting and hopping, slides into Miles kitchen.  After their morning routine is over Miles walks into his very crisp and clean office.  He is only 22 years old but he is very smart, he is self-taught by looking at different websites and does his own research on things he finds interest in.  Miles is a science geek so he likes building and creating new things and gadgets to play with.  His latest was a robot that could refill his dogs food and water.  The robot could also clean his entire house, if Miles clicked a big and red button on the robots back.  But he rarely clicks the button because he is very tidy and it takes hours and hours for the machine to clean his house.  Miles lives in a city in Washington called Woodinville.  It is very nice and peaceful.  It is full of trees and all the neighbors are very joyful.  Every night Miles and Pebe go outside and enjoy nature.  As Miles always says to Pebe, nature is a camera, full of great memories.  Of course Pebe doesnt understand English so instead he started to bark all over the place.

Okay Pebe onto my next project! Miles said happily.  This certain project was Miles biggest one yet, and it was the biggest project in the world.  This project is an amazing one to attempt!  Miles thought with amazement.  Miles wasnt doing this in a famous, top-secret laboratory but instead he will attempt this in his own house.  Miles Short was about to attempt to make a machine that could not only change events but to time travel!  So to get started Miles grabbed his planning sheet, looked at all of the things he needed to make the machine, and thought of the names he could call it.  As Miles began brainstorming he doodled on paper names and pictures that popped into his head.  The names included were Master traveler, Time through the ages, and the magic box.  Miles picked the Magic Box because it was simple and sounded mysterious.  Among his scribbles was a shape that kept jumping out at him.  The design was manly and very clean.  It was a flat platform with a clear bubble of glass over the top.  It also had buttons and the time gage on the dashboard.  Miles would sit in a plush chair with a seatbelt for safety.  It had two shifters to start and to stop if needed and a small spot for his trusted companion Pebe.  He included a storage cabinet in the back for supplies such as food and water, and a first aid kit.

Miles woke up the next day, determined and excited he was ready to begin the construction of his machine, Pebe was also very excited.  Miles was already three fourths done!  The next hour Miles finished the design of the time machine named the Magic Box.  Miles strapped Pebe into the machine.  Okay Pebe were going to do this now!  Miles yelled with an anxious tone.  Lights flashing, machine spinning, Pebe and Miles were spinning so fast that they were able to go through a force so strong that they could go anywhere in the world at anytime.  The light was blinding Pebe and Miles, they couldnt see anything.  Suddenly they felt a big presence, roar!  A giant T-REX was right in front of them, standing and staring, the giant roared at them with all of its might.  Let's get out of here!  Miles screamed to Pebe and himself. Instantly they were back in Miles house.  Frightened of the beast, the two went straight into the living room to settle down.  The next evening Pebe and Miles walked to the time machine.  They were going for another round in the Magic Box.  Ready Pebe?  Miles said anxiously.  Miles tried to pull the lever to start the Magic Box.  The handle wouldn't budge, it was stuck!  It was as stiff as a steel rod!

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