by SHREEYATI, Age 10 , Grade 5, Lilavatibai Podar High School, Mumbai, MAHARASHTRA INDIA
Teacher: Shefali Rodrigues

A fairy was sitting is Heaven, in her clouds angrily because a nun was miss using her cursing power.She gave a curse to an innocent woman her curse was "How did you dare to try to break that glass plate!! It costs money!! I will have to curse you now. 

" You will be trapped for thousands of years,
             Whether day or night,
               You can't shed a tear,
                      And if you do,
Your son must be a slave for trillion of years!!"
The helpless lady cried "mam please forgive me I had no intention in breaking the plate, kindly forgive me. I will buy a plate for you but please don't curse me." 

"You buying a plate for me! You better go in that room and get trapped I will not forgive you since you have behaved so badly I'll never let you  free!"The lady started to live in that trap dusty room. Years later, the place in which she lived in started to be called as hell. People did bad things had to live in hell with the lady as a punishment.

But the lady was innocent! Then the ferry appeared when all the bad ghosts asleep, she said to the lady. You have been innocent and do not deserve to live with these  ghosts and I can free you from here. "Kindly tell me the person's name who made you live in hell. " "Dear fairy, it is my mistress, the nun, who cursed me to live in hell after I broke her precious glass plate. " fairy was depressed she went to the nun and give her back the  curse . " I am giving your curse back to you. 

          " You must stay there, 
           For hundreds of years,
               And I don't care,
           For culprits tears!" 

The nun cried and cried and turned in a ghost.

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