by Soukaina D., Age 11 , USA

One summer day me and my family wanted to go somewere, mom said,"let's go to the beach ." We refused.Dad said, "let's go to the museum.Brother said, "Its pretty boring." Let's go camping" he cried. " I'm so enthusiasm of this idea." I shouted. Mom and Dad said it's a great idea. Mom said "well get everything ready." Dad's and brother's mission was do get the van ready, while mom's was making our snaks, while mine is to get our camping bags and sleeping one's, and of course the clothes. Meanwhile all our missions are done. Dad went to do the JPS,mom went to make juice in van, dad came and we start to move to the park. Me and brother played with mom and dad  devices. On the way we saw birds flying,I knew were beside the park. Mom said, "were at the park." I was so exticed about the camping that were doing today, same as brother he was felling so enthusiasm. Me and dad brought the supplies,mom and brother got our food, mom and dad said we can play with other children in the park, so we had friends we got so much fun, mom said its lunch time so we left our friends and ate food, meanwhile I got so tired so I went inside our van and read a book of mine.then my mom said, " said soukaina come to see the animals." so I ran to see the animals, they were so adorable, It was almost night so mom got the marshmellows and setted the fire and mellted the choclate, we ate the marshmellows with choclate.We were so tired we to set the tent outside the sleep,It was a large tent so we all slept together.
The next day we got our stuff  changed our clothe and went home.It was the end of this camping.Hope we can stay onther day,it was an very cool 

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