by Soukaina D., Age 15 , Grade 8, Al Mawakeb al barsha, United Arab Emirates, DUBAI DUBAI
Teacher: saleh

Hi I'm Soukaina,
Usaully I'm mom's favourite the best,nice,caring child my mom always loved me, never gets angry of me I always do her instruction pressisly, but one day the problem came happily to brake my love to my mom. I was wondering how did this problem jump into my happy family my mom said your brother is better than you your punished and don't talk to me.:( I tried my best to do what mom said but a problem but finally two days I had no problems. But they came well it's normall problems don't last forever. One time my mom said I was doing everything on porpose and I wanted to make angry,but the truth is I want to make my mom proud of me I said problems alwqays has a solutiuon and I will never stop and I will be the favorite child and best daughter of all. 
                                             THANKS FOR READING

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