The Jungle Hunt

by Colton H. , Grade 6

It all started on a day like today, steamy and foggy. It was just like today well except these young adventurers were in the amazon rainforest, a South American jungle. These brave young voyagers were from Pennsylvania, the tallest of the bunch was Daniell who stood at 5 foot 9 and played basketball at home. Then there was Rodney and Jill. They’re brother and sister and don’t ever stop their sibling rivalry.

    Daniell and the crew were on this journey through the jungle because they heard about The Treasure of The Lost Spartan, gold glimmering and bejewled, the treasure has a net worth of about $3.6 million dollars (well maybe not that much but its worth a lot). It is hidden in the Secret Temple of  Leonidas. HISSSS! Slithering and hissing the Anaconda, scaley and angry, made its way out of the tree and nobody was paying attention so it clutched Jill! “Aw geez Rod we gotta get that thing away from her!” yelled Daniell.

    “Ok! it’s a good thing I brought my snake charming do-it-yourself kit!” screamed back Rodney. Just like that Rodney pulled out his flute and started whistling a tune. The Anaconda started to look dazed and confused and loosened his grip on Jill.

    “That’s the longest I’ve ever held my breath!” gasped Jill. As they went on through the path they had noticed something odd, Daniell’s Titanium necklace started drifting towards a tree, so they followed it. Behind the massive tree stood the Lost Temple of Leonidas. Made of Solid gold the magnificent temple gleamed with the suns light like a mirror. As they approached the temple they could see the shimmering veil of light around the glorious treasure. It was a spartan helmet crafted with the most beautiful carvings of ocean waves. Wait this is a trap Daniell had thought but it was too late Rodney had already picked up the helmet.

    “THE GROUNNNND ISSSS SHAKINGGGGG” they all yelled in unison.

The crew is sprinting down the gold stairs as it begins to sink. Daniell pulled out his iPhone and looked at his GPS and looked where his hot air balloon was.

    “Alright just keep going straight and we should be there in no time guys!”

They all took one last look at the collapsing temple and all thought how lucky they were to still be alive. Daniell, Rod and Jill all made it back to the balloon with minor injuries and travelled back home to Pennsylvania. As they reached home they cashed in their helmet and it is now on display at the Smithsonian Museum. They each got their share of $1.5 million each. They spent their money on whatever their hearts desired, and all 3 met up again...

2 Months Later

    “I can’t believe it, we’re rich! we’re rich! we’re rich!” screamed Rodney in his new leather jacket he bought with his new earned money.

    “I know it’s amazing, but I’m just glad I had the opportunity to do that with you all,” said Jill. So on that day they were all glad they set out on that one foggy evening...

The End.

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