by Khadijah A., Age 14 , Grade 9, Mississauga , ONTARIO CANADA

You always see me happy

But today you will see me snappy

You have always ruined my life

So now I’ll kill you with my knife

I used to hide everything 

But that hurts with aching

I loved you so much 

But now you’re a pain to touch

You forgot our past

But for me, it didn’t go fast

Everything for you is gone 

So stop being a con

Allow me to give you a piece of what I felt

All the torture that hurt me like a whipping belt

I won’t forget that pain

When you burnt my brain

Your lies and cheating

You left my heart bleeding

The never-ending tears and sorrow

An ocean of pain with no tomorrow

I don’t want you to be sorry

Because my life is filled with glory

Wish you knew my pain before

So now it’s time for me to score

Time to reveal what’s been concealed

Your time is done as I am healed

Your eyes say it all, there’s nothing to hide

Don’t come close, go stand aside

You told me you would change

But today you’ll find it strange

You didn’t listen to me from the beginning

That’s why when you lose me I’ll be winning


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