Be Polite!!!

by Robin Rushil, Age 12 , Grade 6

Once upon a time, there was a boy named robin. He was intelligent and very kind and polite.
one day he decided to play football but no one had time to play with him so he was very upset! But then a boy came up to him and said " I will play with you if you do what I say". Robin agreed and the boy began to play with him. 
after a few hours, the boy said "Now you have to do that what I say, You have to climb at the roof of my house and get my ball ".  "What?!, that's very dangerous, I can't do that "!  said robin. But the boy forced him to do it and he really climbed on the roof. He was very scared but then he realized that the boy was making fun of him because on the roof wasn't a ball. He had a very good idea!
he said to the boy that on the roof is not a ball but a 100$. The boy was very surprised and said " Don't touch them these are mine I will help you come down. he helped robin and climbed the roof. On the roof, he said, " Are you kidding me there aren't 100$ on the roof"! " I was just joking and I wanted, you to realize that you should not make fun of others," said robin annoyed. I'm really sorry I won't make fun of others, promise! could you please help me?" said the boy. Robin helped the boy and the boy was very polite to everyone! 

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