Defeating DIO brando

by Jotaro, Age 5 , Kindergarten, Dio academia, Polnareff JAPAN
Teacher: Mrs Speedwagon

As i approach the large castle where dio is hiding one of his butlers stand appears as he grabs me i watch as johnathan and kayoin grab on and get pulled into what seems to be a portal and we have to play a video game to get kakyoin back because he made a deal where if he lost he had to give up his soul and if he won we got to leave meanwhile, Polnareff, iggy, and avdol encounter a stand user with the name of cool ice and he hurts avdol so they leave him there while polnareff leaves with a broken heart so he meets back up with the others and they ask where are avdol and iggy and he said they are gone so the move on and find dio and kakyoin gets hurt and so does johnathan but once jotaro beats dio they transplant the blood from dios body into johnathans and he is ok

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