Think About Others

by Allison E., Age 11 , Grade 6

So, I've been thinking, you know how all those shows or movies have that one bully, well i always wonder why they do it, and what will they get out of it. Will they seem cooler? Do they want everyone to be scared of them? Do they want to hang out will "populer" students. I mean i just don't understand. Maybe they just really love making people scared or they like hurting people. And i always wonder if bullies are like this in real life. Because ive never come upon a bully. Everyone is usually nice. Well anyways most people that get bullied would either 1. stay away from them or 2. try fighting back.  Ive also wondered why people in shows/movies are always considered either a nerd or popular person. I mean like sure you can be popular but are you considered cool? What i consider cool is if you are weird, and funny, and love making people laugh, you are smart, and dont get in trouble,ext. All im saying is to be cool you need to respect people, comfort people when they need you, and be nice to others. You need to think of others, and think *if i do this, will this make them mad, sad, hurting inside, or will it make them happy, excited. Will they be motivated by you? Will they become nicer because you helped them?* Never think of people critisizing you for every thing you do in life. Dont be depressed just because others make you think twice about yourself(in a bad way. If you just ignore what they say, your life might just be bette. I want you to be free, do what you want in life, help people out, be nice to everyone even if they arent to you. People learn from you. and You should learn from others, too.

Thank you for reading (this was fun to make, and i hope you think about stuff before you do it and how it will effect others) and inspire people to do the right thing.
Allison E.

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