The Shock

by Rory , Grade 5
Teacher: Mr. Douglas

Clink, scraaaape, clink. “Quiet down, quiet down class” Mr Scargill muttered as he peered over his glasses at the laboratory. The faint smell of ammonia filled the air as chatty students slumped onto their stools around the science classroom. Ollie could see piles of dirty test tubes and bunsen burners stacked up at the sides of the room, left over from the previous lesson. He fidgeted and felt the old chewing gum stuck beneath his desk and rocked his stool lightly. “Oi, Seb, cheers for the twix!” he cackled as he avoided looking at Mr. Scargills piercing glare. He licked his teeth as he tasted the chocolatey caramel dissolve away. 

With a cheeky grin, one of the boys pointed at one of the plug sockets fixed to the edge of the desk and handed Ollie a shiny new pair of metal compasses. Ollie stared at the three pin holes of the socket, each of them a square, black invitation drawing him in. “I dare you” whispered Davie, an older boy with red hair, “while Scargills busy!”. Ollie felt his heart beating like a drum and his palms were damp with sweat as he moved the compasses towards the socket. BANG. The chair rocked. His ears rang. A shock went through Ollies body like a lightning bolt and the room fell into darkness. 

For a moment no one said anything, not even a murmur was uttered in the silent room. Mr Scargill came over to the table with kind eyes and said “Ollie, are you ok? That looked painful”. Ollie felt surprised but not hurt. Most of all he felt very embarrassed as people were staring at him from every angle. Ollie was taken swiftly to the nurses office to be checked whilst the technicians reset the power supply to the lab. “Everything is back online!” he heard a voice shout. While Ollie had his vision checked by the nurse, the deputy head, Ms Brown came in. “I’m afraid your parents will hear about this Ollie, this is not acceptable behaviour”...


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