The happy dog

by Aayush kumar Jha, Age 9 , Grade 4, The Tribhuvan school, Patna, BIHAR INDIA
Teacher: Archana Jha mishra

Once apon a time, There was a Forest where many of the species lived, they lived there happily, There was a dog named Tommy, there was a lion named Sheru, frog named Bengu, sparrow named Leela and they loved to play hide and seek very much, one day when they played hide and seek, a Hunter came to hunt them. He shot a bullet in the sky to warn all the animals, when they heard that bullet, everyone ran but the Tommy, as the seeker, was still counting, when the hunter saw that every animal ran and only the dog was left he ran and tried to catch the dog, Tommy too ran when he saw that the hunter was coming nearby closer-and-closer but then he was tired and the hunter caught him, Yes!! Shouted the hunter and then took him to his house as his pet. He took very good care of the Tommy, he feeded him, he played with him and did everything the dog wanted

Many years went by and one day they were on a walk, the dog was happy with his trainer (the hunter). They were going near the Forest. When the Tommy's friend Leela and bengu saw that, they told the lion about it, when Sheru (the lion) heard it, he said that, This is the time to take Tommy back roar..roar, they ran towards the hunter and the lion cached the hunter's feet and then he took the hunter and Tommy to his kingdom Tommy was very happy to meet his friends again, but the hunter was punished to be cut into peices, when the dog (Tommy) came and said to Sheru to forgive him as he was a very good person. Sheru agreed but said that, he would be freed only if he would promise to stop hunting,the hunter readily agreed and the lion left him, but he was upset as he would have to leave Tommy their, Tommy asked can't he stay?? Sheru said yes but I guess instead of hunting, he also has other works to do, so he would have to go now but, he can come hear anytime, and enjoy hide and seek with us. So, the next day the man came and played hide and seek with the animals. And this was the story of the happy dog!!
The end

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