I Am

by Kaedn S. , Grade 7, Chico Country Day School, Chico, CALIFORNIA USA

I am a creative artist

I wonder how many people out there are thinking as i am.

I hear the sound of paint splattering against a blank canvas.

I see dragons and tigers dance upon my paper.

I want to draw forever with the pencil of my soul.

I am a creative artist.


I pretend I can draw anything and it will come to life.

I feel 1000 gallons of paint coursing through my veins.

I touch my pencil to the paper and release my thoughts.

I worry that one day i will no longer be able to draw.

I cry when i can't release my thoughts correctly.

I am a creative artist.


I understand that i cannot draw or paint every day.

I say, Release yourself on paper.

I dream about everything I could create.

I try to do my best at every creation.

I hope to be myself forever and always.

I am a creative artist.

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