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New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

by shylah a., Age 13 , Grade 8, Homeschool, San Antonio, TX USA
Teacher: Ms.Shelly

Bella Swan is back!

Bella Swan is an eighteen year old girl who lives in the small town of Folks with her dad,Charlie.

Bella is dating Edward who is a vampire. But a birthday party gone wrong ends up with Edwards family moving to L.A. and Bella with a broken heart.Bella stays broken for four months until she comes upon some motorcycles that need to be fixed, and she knows just the guy for the job.

Jacob Black ends up being just what she needs. As Bella and Jacob work they become close friends. Jacob likes Bella a little more than a friend but Bella isn't ready for a new relationship. But one day changes everything… Jacob is a werewolf.

 Bella is launched into a world of Werewolves,more danger, and secrets.With old enemies coming back for revenge and the Cullen family almost down one member, Bella is in more danger than usual. 

I am in love with the Twilight series and can't wait to read the rest of the series.Twilight is exciting and full of twists you don't see coming. Twilight is the perfect mix of romance, fantasy, action, and adventure. If you are ever looking for a good series to read I recommend you get Twilight!

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