Daisy and me

by Steph, Age 8 , Grade 3

Daisy  and me 


Lulu lives near Unicornn Mountain. One day Lulu went to Unicorn Mountain for a while Lulu went past bundles of colourful flowers but didn’t see any unicorns because they were hiding. Then suddenly an egg dropped from a tree. Shocked to see one she quickly caught it before it crashed to the ground. “Oh no, it must have fallen out of its nest, I had better take it home and keep it warm so it can hatch” thought Lulu.  Lulu quickly scrambled as fast as her little legs would carry her.  Lulu could feel the egg starting to crack in her hands, she ran even faster as panic struck her.  “I must get home, there is lots of stuff to do before it hatches”.


Finally Lulu arrived home, she quickly grabbed a towel, some milk for the bird and a small heater close by to keep it warm.  When she got everything prepared she sat down and waited next to the egg.  Suddenly she was very shocked, Lulu jumped back in surprise, a small golden horn was poking out of the egg “It must be a rare type of unicorn, I have never seen a unicorn with a golden horn before, that’s amazing”.

Lulu grabbed the milk and comforted the unicorn after it had fully hatched.  It had a flower on it’s face so she called it Daisy.  

Daisy was mostly white but on her sparkling face was a rainbow flower pattern. It was remarkably beautiful,  Lulu loved her more than anything! Lulu looked after Daisy all her life she milked her, she fed her, she bathed her and most of all she loved her as her very own daughter!  Lulu even taught her how to fly.


One day when Lulu was giving Daisy her breakfast there was a knock on the door BANG BANG BANG !  Lulu, frustrated from all the noise opened the door and she found a pirate and his crew standing in front of her. “My name is Captain Woodenhead and we are going kidnap your unicorn! “  Lulu slammed the door in their faces and quickly ran to get Daisy, “Daisy, let me hop onto your back and we can fly away”. They flew high into the air but not before the pirates lassoed Daisy from underneath Lulu, Lulu plunged to the ground and Daisy was taken by the pirates and locked in a cage on their pirate ship.  Lulu was devastated but she ran as fast as she could to board the pirate ship before they sailed away, one BIG JUMP and she was there on the ship.

Lulu quickly hid under a box and waited for the coast to be clear, when the pirates were distracted by a MASSIVE wave that hit the ship, she made her way to where  Daisy was kept. She saw Daisy in the cage, she unlocked Daisy and they both flew away to safety 


The pirates saw them trying to escape but they could not capture them because their ropes weren’t long enough.


Lulu and Daisy now live on Unicorn Mountain and they are busy looking after all of the unicorns and keeping them safe. 


Daisy and Lulu lived happily ever after. Forever 







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