Taking Terror

by Samuel K., Age 15 , Grade 10, Amery High School, Amery, WISCONSIN USA
Teacher: Lisa Ruehlow

Terrorists are the worst thing on the planet. That is why I spent months of training to become a United States Special Ops Team. It had been my dream since I was a little kid, but I knew I would not have made it if it were not for my determination. My biggest dream was to wipe out terrorists forever. I made it through training and was now out in Afghanistan waiting for orders to go out and attack another group of terrorists before they could make it to their destination. I had been out in Afghanistan for seven months now, and I had seen my share of fights. Even though everything I had seen in those fights was bad, I was determined not to lose courage and to follow through with my goal of ending terrorism.

          “Aaron, command has given us the okay to move forward with the operation,” shouted the captain of the small base in Afghanistan that Aaron and his Special Ops team were positioned in for the next four years of his deployment.

All around the base people started throwing on their armor and started loading their guns. Everyone was issued a standard military M-16, but some people in the base had snipers, and some had heavy machine guns. For me, I carried a standard M-16, but I had the choice to bring whatever weapon I wanted.

“The drones have been released,” shouted our communications person.

Before we go outside, we release a bunch of drones in the air. That way we can see where the enemy is, we can have a video feed to analyze tactics after we get back, and so the government can watch us live to see how we operate.

“Everything is all clear, let’s get moving!” I yell as I watch the video feed.

We all run out of the base and into our camouflaged garage where we store our Humvees with mounted belt-fed .50 Cal machine guns. The ground rumbles as they are started up and driven outside and towards the east where there is a caravan of terrorists transporting weapons and troops to a nearby town, no doubt to take it over and set up a new base.

“We’re two minutes out, when we get there, we need gunners up in those machine guns to take out anything that moves, then I need a perimeter set up in case they have surprises. After that, we take what we need and blow the rest,” I yell into the radio as we’re bumping around through the desert on our way to our destination.

          “Up there now,” I yell to the guy next to me as the caravan is just coming into sight.

He scrambles up into the gunner spot, pulls back the bolt, and releases it, making a snapping noise as a bullet is pushed into the chamber and the gun is loaded. I look back at the three vehicles behind us and see the gunners in their positions, ready. I turn back around and see the caravan in clear sight.

“Open up,” I yell at our gunner.

Immediately, he yanks his finger back on the trigger and the gun starts throwing bullets at the enemy. As we get as close as we should get to them, our driver whips to the side and stops. I throw myself out the opposite side as the terrorists and lay down at the edge of the vehicle, watching for any movement as the other Humvees pull up behind us. Guys start flooding out, and I take my team with me as I start running down towards the vehicles where piles of bodies lay, cut down by the four belt-fed machine guns of our vehicles. As we arrive at the first vehicle, three of my guys cover me while I check it to make sure nobody is in it. Once it’s cleared, we move on to the next vehicle and keep repeating that process for eleven vehicles. As we are going to the twelfth vehicle, I hear some movement inside it, so I signal to my guys that someone is inside. Immediately, half of the group goes to the other side of the truck. One guy pulls out a flash-bang and throws it in, we all look away as it goes off. After it goes off, I swing around the side with my gun up looking for any movement, one of the guys on the other side jumps up and begins searching for the person. All of a, sudden I hear a click, being trained to listen for that, I yell bomb and dive to the side. The guy from inside the truck comes leaping out as all the guys dive away and the truck explodes. As quickly as I can I turn to see if there are any enemies, but I only see an exploded truck. I then turn to the guy who was inside the truck and see that he was lying on the ground bleeding bad out of his left leg and back.

Instantly, one of my guys yells, “MEDIC,” and starts running up to the Humvees.

Two other guys run down next to me and help me bandage his bleeding cut. The medic comes running up.

”He got a piece of shrapnel from his knee all the way up half his back,” I tell him as he leans down and shoots morphine from a syringe into the guys back to help with the pain.

 The rest of my group started placing C-4 in each truck and wiring them to a detonator.

“Move out,” I shout as two guys lift the stretcher that the wounded guy was placed on.

As all the guys started running up to our vehicles. I make a quick check through each truck to make sure the explosives were placed correctly and wired right. After I was sure they were placed and ready, I ran up to our vehicles as everyone was loading up to leave. One of my guys handed me the detonator as I was loading all my stuff into my vehicle.

“We’ll drive about 200 feet out before I detonate it,” I said as we started off back towards our base.

“Head back, I’ll detonate at a close range, then meet up with you at base,” I say into the radio to the other vehicles as we start slowing down.

As we stop, I stare back at where we had just been. Click, BOOM. A giant ball of fire came shooting up out of the explosion as the trucks and weapons were all exploded.

“Mission accomplished, we’re on our way back,” I say into the radio to our captain back at base as our driver starts out to catch up with the other people heading back so we can rest up and prepare for the next mission.

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