Broken Glass

by Asher I., Age 16 , Grade 10, Asher, Amery, WISCONSIN USA
Teacher: Mrs. Ruelow

"I don't believe it; I was in front of you!"

            "Okay Buddy, I don't know about that,"

                        As Jude and Levi were battling over the PlayStation 2® game Madden 07®, I was awaiting my turn, patiently playing the GameBoy Color®, every once in a while, hearing the irritated hollering from one of my brothers. A few games later it was finally my turn, Levi evidently wasn't inclined to get off, based on the fact that he was reluctant to give me the controller, Jude triumphed. Because I was the youngest one of my brothers, I was the worst at the game, but I still relished playing. Levi must have spotted my lack of skill as an opportunity. Levi proceeded to laugh or comment anytime I made a mistake, and anytime I got repeatedly made fun of its bound to eventually get to me. It did. In slow motion, I took the GameBoy® and took aim, the target, Levi's head. I wound up my throw and "whoosh" the GameBoy® left my hand, there was no going back, I was at the point of no return. The GameBoy® was spinning like an uneven frisbee. It was a great throw in all truth, but Levi reacted just in time to duck under the frisbee. Directly behind him a glass pane hidden behind the silhouette of my brother. "ksshh" The Glass was instantly turned into a spiderweb. One glass pane turned into a thousand pieces, each piece contributing to the waterfall-like sound as it hit the windowsill. I stared at the wall for what felt like half a minute and ran.

            I was gone, just like the Gameboy® parting my hand there was no turning back. I grasped everything I required for a runaway, a sweatshirt in a freezing, crisp, and dry day in November. As I was running, I was questioning where my life would end up. Would I end up living my existence in the forest or even in the streets. At that point in time, I had no idea, but all I knew was to keep running.

            Eventually, I did cease running, but I was only about 200 yards from my house. I was in an open field, so my next task of disappearing was to construct a shack. I got sticks, branches, leaves and built a great shack to hide in. The shack was too small to fit in without hitting the ceiling, so I knocked it down and laid in some tall grass.

It turns out that running away for life gets a bit boring, so I opted to saunter back home. Every step sensing as if I was about to damage my life. Knowing that when I get back, I may possibly die a youthful nine-year-old. My life was over.

            When I got back, being primed to get the scolding of a lifetime, my parents were home. My dad said very angrily, "clean up the window please." I couldn't believe it, I broke a window, ran away, and built an entire fort. All of that for my dad to politely ask me to clean it up. I did.

            It turns out that the best thing to do is to be honest with those around you. If I would’ve just stayed home, I would’ve avoided all the trouble I went through. In the end I did learn a good lesson from this even. I do not regret doing it because it taught me to be honest. This is a true story.

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