This One is Different?

by Caiden D., Age 15 , Grade 10, Amery High School, Amery, WISCONSIN USA
Teacher: Mrs. Ruehlow

Caiden DeMar
Mrs. Ruehlow
English 10
This One Is Different?
    I stood still. I was frozen, the only thing I could do was stare out at the sea of people in front of me. I thought to myself “Oh god, I have to do this again?” You might be wondering what that means. Well, that day was my first day at a new school…. Again. I’ve been to over a dozen different schools. Everything was always the same for me, I was constantly alone and scared. I figured I’d never amount to much because of it.  I sat alone at lunch and had no friends, but that was the usual, for me at least. Of course, that’s what I was expecting out of this new school. Surprisingly, this school was different.
As I stood still staring at the enormous pool of people eating during the morning break, I failed to notice someone approaching me. It was a short blonde girl and an average height boy, who had brown hair. The girl was wearing a grey hoodie and some dark blue jeggings. She had deep brown eyes and an asymmetrical, yet quirky smirk on her face. The boy wore some grey Adidas track pants and a winter jacket. If I remember correctly it was purple. He just looked bored.  I’m pretty sure his eyes were brown too. I looked directly at the girl first, she said,
"You can come to sit with us if you want to." I stare blankly back at her; this had taken me by surprise. I have never had someone come up and offer to let me sit by them. After a few seconds, I finally replied with a measly
“Okay.” We then walked over to a table in the corner of the cafeteria and sat on the end closest to the wall. The table was by a large trophy case that said Amery Middle School above it. Once we took our seats the boy said,
“So… You the new kid?”
"Yeah, that's me.”, I replied. This was then followed by a few seconds of awkward silence. Finally, the girl opened her mouth, she said,
“What’s your name? Mine is Adina and this is Josh.” I looked at her as if I was stupid for a second, it seemed like I didn't know my name, after a moment I answered.
 “My name is Caiden.” To be honest, I don’t remember much of the conversation after that. I wish I did.
Later that day, I remember I sat next to them at lunch. I’m not sure I remember what we decided to talk about, but I remember choosing to sit by them instead of the kids who invited me to. When I transferred into this new school the school gave me two kids to show me around and sit by at lunch, they were the ones who invited me to sit by them. I declined and chose to go with Adina and Josh. Something about being around them felt better than sitting by a large group of kids in the middle of the cafeteria. That was the right decision. The only thing I remember after was thinking, “Holy crap! This school is different!”
Excitement about this school being different rushed through me the rest of that day. When I returned home that day my mother noticed I was happier and more giddy than usual. She asked what the reason for that was, and I couldn’t help but explode to her. I was like a confetti cannon. Letting all my bright colors shine. It was one of the best feelings in my life. Finally, being able to tell my mom I had a friend was an extraordinary experience I could never forget.
Years passed and I remained friends with Adina. She was my very first friend and my best friend at that. We were inseparable; people even were convinced we were siblings because we are so much alike. I’m not sure if I would agree with that though. I feel like brothers and sisters are always fighting. We usually didn’t fight. We’ve gotten in one big argument ever, anything else is just us being annoying to the other one.
The day before meeting Adina, I had given up hope on ever making friends. I thought switching schools would never actually make a difference. Most people I told I wouldn't make friends, agreed with me. Even most of my family, besides my mother. When I moved to Amery my family was dealing with drug addiction and a struggle with poverty. Having Adina around helped me get through this struggle. Adina helped change my life for the better and I could never be more thankful for that. Without her, I probably would still have no friends. 
In the end, the point of this was to show to never give up hope. I was convinced that making a friend would never happen. To me it was impossible. Yet it changed. Therefore, never give up hope on the things you want in life. Make it a goal of yours to see it through. It could always work out; you may never know.

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