by hamza S. , Grade 6, Al hekma international school, manama BAHRIAN
Teacher: Ms.olive

The space or universe is a big place.It is filled with stars,galaxies,black holes,matter,atoms and planets.we all know that we are living in a galaxy and there is a lot of galaxy far away from us some of the galaxies are 10 billion light years away from us we think our galaxy is the biggest galaxy no there is alot bigger than our galaxy so if we major our galaxy to other galaxies it will be so small plus the black holes the black holes are the most terrfiying things in the universe they can eat anything in the universe and about black holes do you that In September 2014, data from different X-ray telescopes has shown that the extremely small, dense, ultracompact dwarf galaxy M60-UCD1 hosts a 20 million solar mass black hole at its center, accounting for more than 10% of the total mass of the galaxy so if we know that there is alot of black holes and do you know that black holes need alot of energy to be born there will be a super nova a new black hole is born when a supernova happen it can fill the galaxy with matter and the supernova happen when a star is dead and it can make a hole in the space lets now talk about planets the planets of our solar system they are mercury,venus,earth,mars,jupiter,saturn,uranus,neptuneand pluto.the planet are seperated to two sides inner planets and outer planets.the iner planets are mercury,venus,earth and mars.the outer planets are jupiter,saturn,uranus,neptune and pluto.


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