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These Aren't the Ships You're Looking For

by George, Age 13 , Grade 8, Louisville , KENTUCKY USA
Teacher: Mrs. Rhienhart

In the first scene of Star Wars: A New Hope, a gigantic intimidating ship is seen looming over the planet Tatooine, but it's not a good ship. It has horrible starfighter defense, some of the most important parts of the ship are very exposed, and it is not versatile. 

     The Star Destroyer (or ISD) lacks a point defense system, or a series of fast firing low powered laser cannons designed to screen against starfighters. This leaves it very vulnerable to star fighters. Its only defense against starfighters is its 60 TIE fighters. The problem with this is that TIE fighters are very ineffective and one X wing can take down 3 TIE fighters. The rebellion takes advantage of this by investing in mostly star fighters instead of capital ships. 

     Another problem is that its most important sections of the ship are exposed. The bridge, which is arguably the most important part of the ship is sticking out of the main body. It is easily destroyed and has no extra armor to protect it. On the top of the superstructure you can see two shield bubbles. If these are destroyed the ISD is completely vulnerable and can be destroyed by just about anything. The shields are the only protection the ship has, and these are too easy to destroy. 

     ISDs are too large and just not versatile. In a frontline battleship you need it to be a jack of all trades. It needs to be a ship that can destroy starfighters and larger capital ships. The Empire mass produced a very specialized ship. It can’t handle the Rebellion, and its lack of versatility is one of the main reasons the Empire lost.

     Star Wars is a complicated universe with complicated problems. I would fix the Imperial Star Destroyer by adding a point defense system, better starfighters and more laser cannons. As it was designed it couldn’t combat Rebel starfighters which is its main weakness. The Empire was incredibly powerful, but they lost. For a large scale war the ISD would have been a useful ship, but in a guerilla war it was ineffective. 

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