The Love Interest

by Lucia, Age 13 , Grade 8, Holy Trinity, Louisville , KENTUCKY USA
Teacher: Sarah Reinhart

In my town, nothing is normal.

At least not the nitwits that plague this town.

     In the past 5 months, crazy things such as monsters, robots, and aliens have started to wreck my home.

     This is not a cartoon. Go home reality, you’re drunk.

      And, of course, with every attack, there is a cheesy superhero complete with the package. Unfortunately for us, we got the dumbest, cheesiest, most arrogant of them all.

He calls himself, Mr. Bubbles.

      He is basically a walking pun. 

And of course, every cheesy superhero comes with an equally cheesy sidekick. Fiorce isn’t bad, as a hero, but his name sounds like a disease. Who names himself Fiorce?

     I’ve never would’ve thought I would live in a city which is under attack every 10 minutes. Mr. Bubbles is no exception. 

     So far, he and his ‘enemies’ have destroyed countless buildings, including my school! During my graduation, even. I remember it clearly; he just blasted the stage where I was supposed to say my valedictorian speech, while battling a giant purple space monkey. 

        Looking back, I consider myself extremely lucky I haven’t died from one of Mr. Bubbles’ ‘heroic deeds”!

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