The Seasons

by Drew, Age 13 , Grade 8, Holy Trinity, Louisville , KY USA
Teacher: Mrs. Reinhart

The Seasons

First there is spring

Weather is warm

All the birds spread their wings

This is the time when there are storms

In April it rains a lot, 

Then in May people get out their flower pots.

Second there is summer

It is not a bummer 

Kids splish and splash in the pool 

So then they are cool

Sleepovers galore

And there is more,

Then it is Fall

My favorite season of all

The leaves turn all colors

There are a lot of leaves 

Falling so lightly into the cold 

The trees are getting old

Lastly there is Winter,

This is the time when you get out your sweaters 

Kids send all their letters 

To the special person that says HO HO HO

No he won’t show 

But he delivers you gifts 

And will give some cents

Those are the seasons

And they give you reasons

To be happy 

And grateful

But overall

I still love fall!

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