The road teip

by Kellan R., Age 13 , USA

So my family and I were in the car going on a trip to the beach.  My friend and I were in the back seats just chillin. And we were about half way to the beach.  My friend and I were playing the road trip game where you have to find the alphabet outside the car.  It took us about thirty minutes to find them all but, half the time we were looking for the letter “q”.  Then we all got pretty tired and went to sleep. It took me awhile because I was a little car sick, and my stomach was in knots.  Then I couldn’t keep my eyes open, so I dozed off. 

       About 2 hours later I woke up on the tan “GMC Denali” floor, and I had a blue and white striped Kentucky Kingdom towel on half my face.  I looked around and I saw my friend mouth opened, pink tongue hanging out, with drool from mouth to chin.  He looked like he was having the best sleep of his life. My parents were in the front two seats, and having a conversation but trying to keep it down because we were sleeping. 

       Then I notice a sound that was very charming yet vocal.  I looked at Max ,my friend, and he had the legendary air pods in his ears.  So I think to my self I’ll just turn it down so he can sleep without distractions.   But I knew myself and I couldn’t hold it in it had to be done, and I knew exactly what mischievous plan I was about to play.  I popped my knuckles, and bit my teeth. So I sneakily grabbed his phone with the biggest and bulkiest case I’ve ever seen. And I pulled it up slowly to my face so I could see the screen.  There was a song that was pretty popular playing, and I put my finger on the volume button.

        I held it for what felt like a minute.  Waited a few seconds, and then it happened.  I could hear the music so loud in the quiet car.  Then the most scientific, extraordinary, face my friend made happened.  I look at him and his eyes shoot wide open. He didn’t move anything else, just his eyes.  And all I could hear in the background was, IIIIIIIIIII WANNNNAAA SSWWIIIIIIINNNG FROM THE CHANDELLLEEER.  My friend was not happy about that. And I started dying laughing. It was so funny that I put the towel over my face so I wouldn’t startle anyone. It was one of the funniest things I’ve heard, and seen in a while. 

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