by Jackson H., Age 13 , Grade 8, Holy Trinity, Louisville , KENTUCKY USA
Teacher: Mrs. Reinhart

It is fall

It’s time for football

The trees are very tall

Leaves are about to fall

Lots of leaves

And people dressed as thieves 

I roll up my sleeves

To pick up all the leaves

I’m sitting by the fire

With whom I admire

He told me a story about a liar

All of this happened by the fire

The weather is cooling down

Yellow, Red, and Brown

Crunch! Crunch! the leaves sound

Have a look around

Leaves falling all over the ground

Dressed in a gown

Here comes a clown 

To explore this town

As the leaves fall down

We spend time with our family and friends

As the summer ends

I start to rake

Oh no! There’s a snake 

My stomach begins to ache

I go to the kitchen to get some steak

I look at the cake

My mom is about to bake

Now I’m in the kitchen 

Everybody better listen

I’m gonna make a decision

I’m gonna make some chicken

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