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A Review of Grey's Anatomy

by Elizabeth J., Age 14 , Grade 8, Holy Trinity, Louisville, KY USA

   Review of Grey’s Anatomy

By: Elizabeth Jackson 8Red

     I love Grey’s Anatomy.  In my opinion, it is the best show alive.  I have been watching it since the beginning of this year and I have never been disappointed.  There are 15 seasons and 338 episodes. I am currently on season 8 and it is very interesting.  They are still making episodes currently. Grey’s Anatomy is a show about doctors and their journey through the medical field.  They start out as interns, then go to residents for 5 years, then do a fellowship, and if they are lucky they will become an attending.  The main character is Meredith Grey. She started out as an intern at Seattle Grace Hospital. I really like this show because it teaches you about medical facts as well as normal everyday things.  I also like it because of how the characters are. They are so real and deal with real life crises. I want to be a doctor when I grow up, so I started watching this show in hopes that it would teach me some of the basics of being a doctor.  It has actually taught me a lot as I have watched it more and more.

     The medical stuff in Grey’s Anatomy is not 100 percent true to life, but it is pretty close.  They use cow organs instead of real human ones. I really like it because of its authenticity to actual medical stuff.  The characters in Grey’s Anatomy really make you feel like you are really in the hospital with them. They are all very skilled.  Some of the biggest events in Grey’s that I have experienced so far are when Izzy unplugged the LVAD wire for Denny, when George died, when Christina almost got married, when Merideth died but came back to life, when Izzy got cancer, when Merideth and Derek got married on a post it, when there was the shooting, when Derek got shot, and how Derek and Merideth are trying to adopt a baby girl named Zola.  My favorite one was when Izzy cut the LVAD wire for her fiancé so he could be higher up on the heart transplant list. Once she cut it, he died so she had to shock him and he came back to life. He got the new heart and survived the surgery. They were planning to get married but then something terrible happened. Denny’s new heart got a complication in it and he died. It was a very emotional time for Izzy.  She lost her fiancé and she lost her job because what she did was illegal.

     Another one of my favorite parts of Grey’s Anatomy is when Merideth and Derek are trying to adopt a baby girl named Zola.  This is currently happening in where I am in the show right now, but I can tell that it is one of my favorite parts of the show overall.  Merideth and Derek saw Zola in the hospital when she was a patient. She had to get an emergency valve resection or else she would die. After her surgery, Derek went to check on her because she was little and didn’t have parents.  He immediately fell in love with her and asked Merideth if they could adopt her. She said yes so they started the process. They were approved to take her home for the time being while the other information was being processed. Then, Derek and Merideth get into a huge fight and haven’t been staying together.  Merideth gets mad because somehow the adoption person found out. She fears that they will take Zola away from them so Merideth runs off with her for a couple of hours. Once they find Merideth and Zola, they take Zola away from them. Derek gets really mad at her and won’t talk to her. They have to wait to get reevaluated to see if they can still adopt Zola.  Overall, I think this is a very crucial part of the show because it tests Merideth and Derek’s love.

     In conclusion, I am really overall impressed with Grey’s Anatomy.  It has really good authenticity and the characters are really good.  They face very serious situations and deal with them so well. They also can be related to real life doctors in how they handle and do procedures.  Grey’s Anatomy is absolutely one of my favorite shows ever and I am really excited to move forward in the seasons.

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