How I Broke My Ankle

by Braden J., Age 14 , Grade 8, Holy Trinity Parish Scool, Louisville, KENTUCKY USA
Teacher: Mrs. Reinhart

How I Broke my Ankle

By: Braden Jung 8R Red

        I had wandered deep into the white Alaskan forest. 30 miles from any kind of civilization. No one knows how I got all so far away from civilization, all I wanted to do was go on a run but I had fallen down and lost my sense of direction. Getting up, I tried to track my steps back down, but it had begun snowing again and covered all traces of where I have been. I thought I had known my way, so I started walking in one direction, the wrong direction. 

I kept walking and walking for hours, but it felt like days. I was getting  hungrier, colder, and tired. There was no way I would make it back that night, so I decided to find shelter and try to not to freeze to death. There was a fallen tree, so I decided to take a few other broken tree limbs and stacked them on that tree limb like a tepee. I went out to find some tree limbs with some leaves on them and used those to give myself a roof. Next, I needed a fire so I found some dry sticks and leaves. Not knowing how to make a fire, I tried rubbing sticks together thinking it would be enough to start a fire, but I had no luck. It was pitch black outside and it had gotten a lot colder. I decided I would try to make fire more the next day, so I started to crawl into my little shelter when I heard a wolf howl. I thought I would die all alone in the forest. As soon as the wolf howled I crawled into my shelter as fast as I could. The entire night I was trying not to freeze to death. I had tucked my body fully into my coat, not knowing what was going on outside of my little house. After, the cold night had passed and it had warmed up a tiny bit. Today, I needed to find a way to make a fire or I wouldn’t make it another night.

I decided to go look for more dry leaves and fire wood and try my rubbing sticks together idea again. About 10 minutes later my stomach growled and I remembered how hungry I was. Now, after bringing the wood back from the trip, I needed to look for food to eat. Needing food I went looking but I had no clue what to look for, so I just kept walking around hoping for food. It was very hard to find food since it was starting to enter winter. I found some berries, I did not know if they would kill me or they would be amazing. There was a chance to be taken, because if I did not try the berries I would die from starvation. “Just do it,” I said to myself as I lifted my hand with berries and ate them. I started to chew them and they tasted surprisingly well. After grabbing all the berries, I headed back to my Chester. Now that I had my energy back from eating I could try to make a fire.

It took about 45 minutes for me to think about how to make the fire. I could not come up with any other ideas of how to start a fire without rubbing sticks together. I tried, and tried, and tried, but I was getting nowhere. Deciding that laying down for a little bit would help I rested.  After, I rested I used all my energy to rub the sticks together. Finally! I had done it, I had fire, I was so excited I almost stepped on the flame. The flame was dying out quickly, so I picked it up and added it to the big pile of logs and I had heat. For the next few days, I just stayed near my camp melting snow for water and still surviving off the berries, until I thought I knew the way home. One night, I packed some wood and all the food and water I had onto a sled made of sticks. In the morning, I would find my way home. I traveled and traveled making fires at camp I set up. One day, while it was getting dark and I was looking for a place to camp for the night I had found a cave.

I thought this would be the perfect shelter. I lit my fire and unpacked my stuff thinking I was the only thing living in the cave. Some snow started to blow into the cave, so I thought I would just move further back, when I stepped on something that was not a rock. I did not have fire near me, so I did not have light. I turned around to feel what it was and all I could feel was fur and a lot of it. Instantly, I jumped back having this feeling of what I thought it was. I moved slowly, but I heard this deep growl and some movement started to begin, but I could not see it. But then I heard it, the scariest noise I have ever heard, a bear growl. My instinct kicked in and I started to run away. I ran faster than I had ever ran in my life. Running as fast as I possibly could I heard was the bear chasing after me. About a 100 yards away from the bear I decided to look back at it. I looked deep into the bears’ eyes, it was just blackness, death. The bear started to chase after me. It started to get really fast and I got scared and tried to hide. 

I climbed under a log thinking it would just run right around me, and I would be safe. I thought wrong. The bear got to where it had seen me last and started to sniff around. It got really quite as I got really scared as the nose of the bear got closer and closer to me. A bird in the tree had made the bear look the other way. I grabbed a rock that I found and threw it as far as I could. The bear heard the noise and ran after it.  I made my run for it, the bear turned and saw me instantly and started to chase after me again. The bear caught up and but my arm a bit. Blood started to rush down my arm, but the pain hadn’t set in because of the adrenaline. I climbed an old rotten tree trying to escape the bear. It started to climb the tree with me. Then snap! The trunk of the had given out and we had started to fall. The bear was much heavier than me, so the tree fell his way. The bear jumped but the falling tree still got him. He was stabbed with a branch of the tree. When I landed on the ground I got up and ran and ran and ran until I could barely see the lifeless bear laying in the white snow.

I I turned just kept running and running for 6 and a half hours. Until, I heard the road over the hill. Over the top of the hill was a hospital. Thinking I had been saved. I sprinted down the other side of the hill, but then disaster struck. A rock that had been covered by the snow had made me trip and twist my ankle breaking it. I layer there in pain for a few minutes until I knew I had to get up and get to the hospital for help. Before they could get me, I collapsed outside the doors. They performed surgery and put 3 screws in my leg and stitched it up. After that, I never went running alone again.

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