The Cleanup

by Mason L., Age 13 , Grade 8, Holy Trinity Parish School, Louisville , KENTUCKY USA
Teacher: Mrs. Reinhardt

Mason Lanning 8J White

The Cleanup

Chapter 1: Floor 53


     Craig lives in a New York penthouse. He just woke up from his 8 hour and 30 minute sleep. He always made sure his clock is punctual. Even one minute off on his  alarm clock can ruin the entire day for Craig. He brushes his teeth for exactly two minutes, keeping track with his sand timekeeper. He uses his Colgate (not sponsored) whitening toothpaste. He needs to make sure his teeth are perfectly white for the shareholders meeting today. He walks out of his apartment at exactly 7:30 using his Rolex too keep the time, one of his most prized possessions. He walks out of his 42 story apartment complex to see that his valet has showed up relatively quick, which was a surprise to Craig as he is usually about a minute late. As Craig walks up to his shining white Lamborghini Aventador S class he mocks the valet for not wearing his tie. Craig could always find a small mistake. He considered it an attribute, nobody else did. He just got it detailed, he does that regularly because he likes it to be show worthy. As he drove to the giant Ocean X headquarters building he showed off his car and mockingly waved to the people that were not as wealthy as him.

     When he finally arrived at Ocean X he was greeted by the door man saying, “Good Morning”. Craig just walked by. Now you might be thinking, this guy is a total jerk and you would be 100%, positively, without a doubt, be correct. He went into the elevator and pressed the button “53”. He went up the elevator slowly counting the time on his Rolex. As he predicted 2:31 seconds on the dot. He walked into the floor being greeted by the members of the shareholders meeting. There were many of them boasting PhDs and majors that would be impressive to anyone else but not to Craig. Soon they were going to have breakfast. This is Craig's least favorite part. He did not like eating with them at all, to be quite honest. It was very awkward as no one there was very social and pretty much everyone was introverted and despised each other. I know that is not very good for a business when your main shareholders all hate each other. To be honest, Ocean X was a broken company. They were practically doomed to fail. The only thing keeping it alive was Craig, but even he could not keep this ship afloat. It was just too much to handle and too much to bare for a single man. The sad thing was that the members knew that it was going downhill but the employees were quite honestly as blind as bats to any sort of problem or predicament. Craig never liked that saying as it was not exactly factual. Bats are not blind they just cannot see in caves so they rely on the more superior echolocation to give them their location. 

     One of the Board members shouted out, “Shall we get started”! This was Jared he was the only one there who was remotely extroverted and nobody liked him. They thought he was annoying but they couldn't do anything about it as he was the owner/founder’s son. As much as Craig would have liked to fire him on the spot he just simply did not have the energy nor authority to do so. This was a sad fact of his life. He was a CEO but he still didn’t feel in control. Craig was an absolute control freak any chance he got to be in control he would jump to the occasion. The CFO started talking about money, percentages, finance nonsense. Nothing that Craig cared much about. Finally, he got to talk after the CFO’s, Bob Duncan, speech that was so long it could have been reciting of the entire Lion King screenplay. He got to talk about his big new idea.”I say we invent a new submarine that can go to depths unheard of.” 

     “That was your idea 4 years ago,” said the C.F.O.

“I know but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it,” said Craig.

“Look Craig nobody cares about the new depths anymore kids just aren’t interested in that stuff anymore,” said the C.F.O. Craig was upset because the CFO was making a fool of him, but he was more upset because he knew it was true. Craig was all washed up, but of course he would not admit that to anyone. He was old, stale and finished. It was time for the company to bring in somebody new and creative. He knew it was coming, but he didn’t know it would be so soon!

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