The Slopes

by Lucy, Age 13 , USA

The Slope

   All I could smell that crisp Autumn morning was the sweet smell of the pines and the amazing aroma of the cafe’s latest dish.  The Hot Cocoa and the warm blueberry muffin I just had made my mouth water. My cousins, my Aunt Annie, my Mom, and one of sisters were walking out of the cafe where we just had breakfast.  We were heading to one of the BLUE slopes. I was so thrilled, I didn’t have to go to the Ski Academy that day. My family was going to have a slopes day were we all ski together. Well we thought.  

     Since most of my cousins and I were about the age of five, six, or seven, we were going down a pretty easy slope. It was called Daisy Run.  Daisy Run was just a simple blue. My Aunt was a pretty well known ski instructor at the Academy, so I thought I was in very good hands. CLICK, my helmet was clipped on and all I had to do was put my ski shoes onto the skis. CLICK!  

     All of us boarded into one red skittle that said “Snowmass Village” and had their logo, a leaf, printed on the side.  As we were going up, we saw the people skiing down the slopes and they looked like ants scurrying around. As we got off the skittle, I looked out and I could see Snowmass Village down bellow.  

“Can we race?” I asked.

“If you want to,” my Aunt Annie replied. “Do you want teams?” My Mom asked.

“Nah,” Abigail, my sister, explained.

     And we were off.  My cousin, Hannah, and I teamed up.  Of course my Mom and my Aunt were in the lead. To catch up, Hannah and I went on a “shortcut” to put in the lead.  We went into the woods(we stayed on path), and there were a couple easy jumps. Then when we thought we were in the lead, the path led us to another slope with a higher level.  An ENORMOUS slope was blocking our path to victory.  

“I think we should wait for everyone to come find us,” my little cousin added. 

“No, they probably won't think of coming to this shortcut to look for us,  ” I exclaimed.

“Hannah, are you scared of this slope?” I asked.

“No, I am not scared, but I have never been here without an instructor,” Hannah responded.

     After the 15-20 minute conversation/waiting, I encouraged my little cousin who was six years old to go down the slope.  As we were heading down my knee buckled and I fell over with the loss of balance. With freezing snow packed onto my snowsuit, I got up and tried to feel my knees.  I thought I was ok so we went on without any hesitation. The sweet aroma of the Village drifted up to the beautiful mountain scape. As we were heading down the slope with a lot of swerves we didn’t know about, I thought about how our family is probably looking for us.  Towards the end, I asked if we should look for the rest of our family. She replied with a simple answer of no... lets keep going.  

     I agreed and said that we should go down back to the village and look for them.  We decided to race down the rest of the way and not lose each other. Towards the end we slowed down and buckled our skis and helmets off and went looking.  We first went to the Academy to see my Aunt was in there. Since my family wasn’t at the Academy, we decided to go back and look around the small village. We started out at the cafe and then looked for another instructor.  We finally found another women who was an instructor according to her red ski vest with the Academy’s logo on it and the bright white ski pants.

“Excuse me, have you seen my Mom,” (Hatti seemed to know her) Hatti asked.

“I actually have,” the instructor exclaimed.

“Do you know where?” Hatti asked again.

“Yes, I just saw your Mom, she was taking off her skis and her helmet.”

“Thank you so much, see you tonight,” Hatti said.

     And we were off.  After a few minutes of walking quickly, we saw my whole family at the drop off station.  We began to walk quicker and quicker until we got to my parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and other cousins. 

“We were so worried, don’t ever do that again!” My Mom said.

“I’m sorry, we tried to catch up to you by using a shortcut that you did once.  We got lost,” I exclaimed.

“It’s ok, but next time just follow us and don’t go down any shortcuts except if we tell you to,” my Aunt said.

“Now let’s go on another slope!” my Nana(my Grandma)  exclaimed.

    We definitely did not do the same slope.  We went on another slope with no shortcuts.  As we were going down, I realized that my cousin and I should not have gone down that slope.  I also remembered that I could have been in danger. From then on, I remembered to always listen to directions and NEVER wander off.    

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