by Avery, Age 13 , Grade 8, Holy Trinity, Louisville , KY USA

The sunny season will always be my favorite
I can play tennis all day long and then leap into the pool
When I feel sweat dripping down my back I know it’s time
Jumping and skipping in the pool is the best solution

Every time I walk on the court to play tennis
I feel the sun beating on me
I swing my racquet with power
The sun overwhelms me on a hot day

When I feel I have played enough
I feel sweat all over me
I walk to the pool and see all my friends
I run as fast as I can so I can jump in

I leap into the pool head first
It feels like a million dreams
My hair is drenched with cold water
I lift my head up and feel water dripping down my skin

Summer days at the pool are amazing
We wait all year to feel the sun melt onto us in the pool
The sun shines on me during the day
When I leap into the deep end I feel happy

The best option for a hot day in summer
Is... ice cream
It hits the spot right from the first lick
The ice cream is so flavorful and it dances in my mouth

When the sun starts to set
I watch the flickering lights around me go down for the night
I hear the crickets and fireflies sizzle out
I look up at the sky and see all the stars sparkling

Once the day has ended, the sun has set
I go to bed dreaming all the good things from the day
Including feeling the sun roll all over me
I dream of all the summer days yet to come

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