The Home Invasion

by Hamilton A., Age 13 , Grade 8, Holy Trinity Parish School, Louisville , KENTUCKY USA
Teacher: Sarah Reinhardt

The Home Invasion 

By: Hamilton Atkins 

It was a rainy, gloomy Thursday.  Ben had been thinking about to spend his weekend.  He made his was to the crosswalk that he lead to his neighborhood.  The light went red and he was able to walk across the road. Just as he had crossed halfway he saw a car pull into the shop across the street from him.  It was a red Mercedes with silver rims.

      He finished his walk across the street then stopped.  Out of the corner of his eye he could see that the passenger window had been opened slightly.  It was open enough to let Ben see a pair of eyes glaring at him. When the man realized Ben could see him he rolled the window all the way down revealing his face.  The mans face seemed odd. Like it had been damaged. Ben looked a little closer and realized that the man's face was burned and scarred. In horror Ben shrieked so loud it could crack a window.  Ben started to walk again but this time with his head down. When he thought he was far enough down the road he turned back to the shop. The car was gone. Ben looked around frantically to see where the car had gone but it seemed like it vanished.  That’s when Ben saw it. The sun reflect off a car window at his face. He turned to where it had come from and saw the car. Now the car was just up the road on the opposite side of where Ben was. He saw the man in the passenger staring at him intently again.  It was like he was planning something.

      Ben turned to go the road again but was stopped when he saw someone moving in the driver side of the car.  A lean man popped out of the car and stood tall on the sidewalk. This man had a normal face and body. He seemed creepier than the first man in the car.  The man looked and Ben then back at the car. Ben began to jog down the road just to be safe. He began to sprint when he heard the second car door open and close.  It was followed by a pair of two sets of feet pounding the ground getting closer and closer to Ben. Ben was horrified. His face began to hurt and he wanted to cry. His hands and feet felt numb but he just kept running.  It seemed like Ben had a little bit of luck that day because as he was running he saw a cop turn the corner and start to drive up the street. He waved his hands frantically and the cop stopped twenty yards ahead of him. 

      Feeling a little bit safer now, Ben turned his head to see what was behind him.  It seemed like the two men had seen the cop as well and had started to run back to their car.  They reached the car and sped off in the opposite direction. Ben turned back to the cop who was now out of his car and running to Ben.  The cop stopped in front of him and pulled out his walkie-talkie. “I need backup on Maple Street. We have an attempted kidnap here.” The cop looked back to Ben and winked.  “I saw the whole thing kid, your safe now. Don’t worry.” Ben took a moment to catch his breath then respond with a weak, “Thank you so much.”  

        Soon enough Ben's mom sped down the road and stopped next to him.  He got in the car and saw the look on his moms face. It was the same face Ben had but slightly bluer.  She was as horrified as he had been. Her hands were shaking on the wheel to the car and she kept on veering left and right like she couldn’t see straight.  They got home in just a few minutes. The rest of the day went by fast. Ben did his homework and ate while his mom napped and his dad watched TV. He didn’t seem to worried about what had happened but he was concerned with the safety of his son and family.  

      When Ben was heading to bed he heard two car doors shut and two pairs of footsteps approach the house.  It was around ten o’clock so all the lights were off and it was pitch black outside. Ben hurried up the stairs and ran to the bathroom.  As he shut the door to the bathroom he heard the front door open. Ben knew his parents were safe because every night they locked the door to their room.  Ben knew what he had to do. He searched gingerly in the pitch black bathroom because he knew if he turned on the lights or made too much noise the men would know where he was.  When Ben found the closet door he swung it open and frantically felt around for the towels. As he was searching he could hear the two men turning the handles to all the doors down stairs before making their way quietly up the stairs.  

      Ben found the towels and made knots in the ends of all of them making a rope.  He tied them around the toilet next to the window and then opened the window. He lowered the towels down the wall and then lowered himself.  When he was halfway down the wall he heard the men open the bathroom door and rush around the room. Ben looked up and saw that the man with the burned face had his head out the window.  Ben jumped for his home made rope and ran to his neighbors house.

        He knocked on the door non stop until they opened it.  “What do you want. It is ten o’clock at night for God’s sake, leave us alone,” said the angry wife.  She left the door way and the husband stepped forward. “What is wrong little one,” said the husband. “There are two men in my house trying to get me.  Please help me, please.” The man took no time to let Ben in and call the police. In less than a minute the police arrived and arrested the two men. Ben's parents were hysterical and Ben was horrified.  From that day on, not only did Ben go to carpool but they locked every door every night. 


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