by Brooke B., Age 13 , Grade 8, Holy Trinity Parish School, Louisville, KENTUCKY USA
Teacher: Mrs. Reinhart


Imagine a place with warm sand and sparkling shells

Where the clear blue waves crash at your feet

With sunny skies and crowds of people

And seagulls soaring over the great horizon

Imagine your standing near the ocean’s edge

And the planks creaking beneath your feet

You reach the edge but struggle

Until your parents lift you up

And you see happiness before your eyes

Imagine finding the perfect spot

For your family to relax and play

Your children tussle around in the sand

And your spouse is sunbathing

Until you push your umbrella up and all troubles are gone

Imagine you’ve been searching all day

But still haven’t found your desire

You trip and land on something rough

It sparkles, shines, and has the most magnificent colors

You take it with you and your face begins to grin

Imagine you are waiting for it

The perfect wave that lifts you to the sun

You paddle until your arms are sore

And a rush of adrenaline comes through you

Your body begins to lift up and you ride until the sun sets

Imagine you jump off the boat

Amazed at the world below you

Colorful reefs, fascinating fish, and history beneath your feet

The current takes you farther toward it all

And you discover more than you could have imagined

Imagine catching in all the action

Your eyes are more watchful than ever 

From afar a child struggles in the waves

You leap and paddle your heart out

Until your job is complete

Imagine the roar below begins to stop

As you devour your tasty snack

With its juicy meat, and rich condiments 

Your done in a minute with only bread left

You feed it to the hungry seagulls as they speed through the air 

Imagine a place with laughter all about

While watching leaping dolphins from afar

And the entertainment of the sea

With tireless lifeguards who watch the sea like a TV

And where joy is 100% satisfied 

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