The Loss of My Life

by Winn S., Age 13 , Grade 8, Holy Trinity Parish School, Louisville, KENTUCKY USA
Teacher: Mrs.Reinheart

The Loss of My Life

       It was the day of the junior club championship.  Jack Talbott and I woke up early to practice. We were trash talking the whole time while we were practicing.  Our tee-time was at one o’clock. We got lunch and hung out until it was time to start. Playing in my group that day was Jack T., Jack W. and myself.  We teed off on hole number 1, and I made solid contact with the ball. Jack W. and I made par, but Jack W. made bogey.  

    We were on number 5 and I was one under par.  Jack T. was not playing well, but Jack W. was on my tail.  Jack W. and I both made bogey, but Jack T. made birdie. We all got up to the tee on number 6. We all hit pretty good drives.  Then, Jack W. hit his second shot into the bunker.

Jack T.  got his shot onto the green. I chunked my shot about 40 yards.  I got up onto the green and then two putted for bogey. Jack W. took two shots to get out of the bunker and made triple bogey.  Jack T. was up to putt for birdie. He drained a thirty footer! Now, Jack T. and I were tied. Jack W. was out of the question to win.  We all parred on hole number 7. We teed off on number 8. Jack T. made par, as well as Jack W. and I made a birdie. Now I was one up going into the last hole, number 9.  It is a hard hole, a downhill par 3 with long grass in the middle. Jack T. hit a good one right onto the green! I was up. I took a big swing, and WHACK! I had hit it short, straight into the long grass. I was heartbroken.  I teed up a provisional, and WHACK. It wasn’t much better than my first shot, but it was in play. I was miserable. I just wanted to quit. By the time it was over, I had made a 7, a quadruple bogey! Jack T. had won my trophy.  I ended up tying Jack W. as we both ended with a score of 41. It should have been a 37, even par. I was ashamed.

    That day, I learned my lesson and I would never let this pressure get to me ever again.  I promised myself that next year, I am going to win! 

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