The Beach

by Clare, Age 13 , Holy Trinity, Louisville , KENTUCKY USA

The sky fills with pinks and blues

The grainy sand fills my shoes

The waves roll by one by one 

Soon a day at the beach will be done 

The sky creates a darker hue

As people stroll past in one’s and two's

The high tide marks the end of the day

A day at the beach is well on its way 

The wind whips the salty air 

The sunset on the water creates a glare

Children pack up their buckets and toys

It’s over, a day full of smiles and joy

Lights flicker off and on 

Children and parents begin to yawn

People file off the beach one after another,

Mothers, sons, sisters, and brothers

Stars spark like fireflies 

The sun is saying its goodbyes 

The starlight creates a wonderful glow 

The beach is saying, until tomorrow 

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