by Ava, Age 13 , Grade 8, Holy Trinity, Louisville, KENTUCKY USA
Teacher: Mrs. Reinhart


That cooling wind blew right through me,

There was no place I’d rather be.

I closed my eyes and held them tight,

Only to open again to a wondrous sight.

The sky was clear of rain and storms,

So clear and crisp, so out of the norm.

My eyes were bright and I was tired,

I was so in awe, my heart felt higher.

My limbs hung off to feel the lake,

A gorgeous high painting, God made no mistake.

Clouds stretched out like cotton candy,

A camera would’ve come in handy.

The colors bestowed left me speechless,

All pink, blue, and orange, offered some kind of sweetness. 

Bubbling emotions, I was on top of a cloud,

And if that were the case, I’d never come down.

That tube was still dragging me on,

The last day of our trip, I’m so glad I’d gone.

So glad to have been, to have been there that day,

Oh how I wish that view would be there to stay.

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