Midnight Storm

by Sarah K., Age 14 , Grade 8

Midnight Storm 

Sometimes, I wake up

when the stars are still shining.

But the peaceful dark is suddenly interrupted

by a rumble as loud as an explosion.

A frightened little dog runs up to my bed.

Thump, thump, a warm ball next to me.

Beyond my window is a water jungle,

but my bed is a soft sanctuary.

Zeus knocks his fist at my front door

while the wind yells at me through the glass,

rumbling and grumbling throughout the night.

Branches fall while puddles grow 

and lightning illuminates my room like a lantern,

sparking a glimmer of hope inside my dark bedroom.

Rain and rumble scare the little dog.

“When will it stop?”

she pleads.

I wonder, while searching for a fleck

of light against the gray atmosphere.

Forever, I think.

But just then,

the rain stops,

the thunder ceases,

and it’s all gone 

just in time

for dawn.

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